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Plantas Mediterraneas born in Elche in the decade of the 90.

We started our journey with starting and marketing of Phoenix Dactylifera, plant queen of our city, along with other varieties of palm trees characteristic of the Mediterranean climate and its distribution to large civil works being carried out across the country.

Gradually, we expanded our products to the recovery of species such as olive, citrus and others, always standing out among the nurseries of the time to put all of our plants potted getting an exceptional vegetative level and thus reach the end customer by plants such as we find in nature.

Europe we demanded a smaller product and more commercial, so it was imperative produce, plants take up a lot of great size and pose many expenses.

We started producing species of palm trees, Mediterranean plants and shrubs resistant to cold and extreme conditions, always following the goals set early in our quality, service and customer advice.

We can not forget that our primary mission is to discover and enjoy nature.

Currently, we produce most of the species we sell. We have 23 hectares of potted plant, exposed to the customer to choose it, as well as 80 hectares of production.





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